Higo Waves Fuchi Kashira Set

The Higo Province, which today lies in what is known as Kumamoto Prefecture, is located on the western coast of Kyushu Island in southwestern Japan and was governed by the Hosokawa Daimyo. The region was the birthplace of the “Higo” fittings that were simple in design and held an organic appeal that was inspired by the natural world and the quiet elegance of “wabi sabi”. As the popularity of the style gained traction among Samurai of other regions, its interpretations migrated into more decorative and elaborate motifs with materials such as brass, silver and gold incorporated into their designs.

This set is a later representation of Higo design being rendered in a silver alloy base metal, and a deeper cut wave theme. Early sets had wave themes as well but were more shallower carved for a flatter surface profile.

This set appears to me to be somewhat contemporary in production from perhaps the last 75 years or so, but is well done, in good condition, and would make a very nice mountable set for either a restoration project or a practitioner’s sword. They are of a larger size to accommodate a Katana.


  • Fuchi: 39.5 mm x 23 mm
  • Kashira: 33 mm x 17 mm

A Palownia wood box is included.

Price: $550.00 USD

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