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The following sword by Higo Munekage is offered by legacy arts on behalf of one of my clients. All consigned swords are original documented works of Japanese sword craftsmanship. Should you find interest in these works, please contact me via email at for information regarding purchase terms, and shipping and insurance arrangements.

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Higo Munekage

Mei: Higo No-Kuni Kumamoto-Kishi, Hagi Jiemon No-Sho Fujiwara Munekage Saku
Dated: Tempo Shichi Nen Hachi Gatsu Hi (August 1836)

Length: 26 15/16 inches
Width at Machis: 1 3/8 inches
Width at Yokote: 15/16 inches

Munekage was a student of the famous Suishinshi Masahide. There is reference to his Samurai decent in his signature of this sword by having incised "kishi" (or "warrior") in his title. The first part of Munekage's signature translates to "a Kumamoto warrior from Higo Province". There have been occasions when Samurai sought out swordsmiths to teach them forging such as this one.

This sword was forged in a time when many of the shinshinto smiths were searching to recreate methods and results from the past, and to revive old styles of swords. In todays world we call this practice "retro", but these works are known as "Utsushimono" or "reflected things" in Japanese swords. During this period, many of the smiths recreated swords, which had the shape and appearance of Nambokucho and Muromachi era swords. This one is most certainly an effort to recreate the style of Nambokucho Soshu Den style in a grand healthy state. The effort by Munekage to recreate this was probably inspired by Soshu Sadamune as it has similar style and hamon. It is a very beautiful representation and a nice sword in its own right.

The sugata of the blade is grand with its carving, width, and extended kissaki. The sword is forged in itame with some patches of larger ohada. This ohada interacts with the midare hamon in places creating sunagashi. The sets of small hi are well carved on the omote to a ken, which is topped with Bonji, and then continue again to the Kissaki. The ura is also carved with soehi without interruption. A maru boshi curves inside the kissaki and returns in nicely just past the koshinogi. A new two-piece gold foiled habaki and a honoki shirasaya top of the package to make a very respectable example for a collection. It also comes with NTHK Kanteisho.

$15,000.00 USD