Doe Skin Ito


RED and BLUE with matching Sageo also!

After many inquiries and much patience by those that wanted them, I have finally been able to add Red and Blue to the line up. All widths are suitable for katana or wakizashi at 8 mm wide, and reinforced construction for strength.

Currently available colors in the image from left to right;
Black, Red, Royal Blue, Purple, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Sage Green, and Burgundy

$7.50 / foot

Doeskin Higo style sageo are also available to match in Black, Red, Royal Blue, Dark Brown, and Sage Green. They are 190 cm long, but can be adjusted to custom length if desired.

$70.00 for standard 190 cm length. Add $4.00 for each 10 cm above standard length.

Economy Koshirae Bag

These synthetic fiber bags are wide enough to accomodate most koshirae, and a less expensive option to brocade bags. Purple fabric.

$18.50 each (plus shipping)

Wooden Tags for Sword Bags

These little wooden tags are made of Birch wood and a classy touch for easy identification of swords. The included silk cord simply ties onto the bag himo.

Interestingly enough, the wood used to make these tags was surplus trimmings from the Boeing factory during the construction of the Hughs H-4 Hercules, otherwise known as the "Spruce Goose". The press coined the name eventhough birch was the major component. "Birch Goose" just didn't have the same ring to it. The gentleman that makes these for me bought the wood scraps from a Hughes Aircraft Janitor who collected it and took it home instead of throwing it away as was the standard practice. So your tag is a bit of history too... well, sort of. :-)

$4 each includes silk cord.

Portable Economy Sword Racks

$30.00 plus shipping

Higo Style Doeskin Sageos

Traditional Higo styled koshirae often have doeskin sageos en suite with the tsukaito, but they also make a wonderful accent to other styles of koshirae.  Now, after a great deal of development, testing, and effort, I am happy to offer handmade doeskin sageos that match my doeskin tsukaito.    Each sageo is 180 cm long (Katana length) and 13mm wide, with finished ends, match seam on the reverse for beautiful finish, and is internally reinforced and bonded for strength and durability.  

At the moment there are four available colors;

Dark Brown
Light Brown
Forest Green
Moss Green
Other colors will be available soon.  Longer or shorter lengths are available by quotation if desired. 
$70.00 each

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