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Nakago Cross-section Collection

A very interesting collection of nakagos that were cut from swords in the late 1960's. These swords originally were acquired in an arms deal by a U.S. company with the Thai Army. There were several crates full of unmounted Japanese sword blades in the Thai Army Arsenal warehouse, and had been there for many years. The reason for their presence in Thailand was unknown to anyone. The swords were subsequently sold at various shows and privately in the U.S. Most were heavily damaged and beyond reasonable restoration. Some were acquired by collectors; a couple of these folks chose some for cross-sectioning to study the composition and construction methods. The face of the cuts were polished and etched to reveal the structure and thus illustrate the methods the smiths used in the forging of the swords.

These are a huge visual aid in understanding Nihonto from a unique perspective and excellent study specimens. These were featured in two lectures by the NBTHK American Branch at the Florida Token Kai, and the Chicago Show. A copy of the lecture handout will be provided with the collection. There are a number of high resolution images that bring more details into better view, and these will be included as well. They are housed in a silverware box that was modified with individual felt lined places for each nakago, and has a place for a moisture desiccant box as well. There is one spare place as well. The whereabouts of many of the upper sections of these swords has also been found and if desired, I can put the buyer in touch with the owner of them, who also happens to be a metallurgist and one of the gentlemen that was originally involved with this project.

This is a very interesting and educational opportunity at a cost per nakago of much less than it would take to buy damaged sword blades and the labor to cross-section and prepare for study. It would be an excellent and unique addition to any Nihonto collection.

Offered on Consignment: $3,550.00


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