Howard Clark Iris Katana

This completely custom mounted Howard Clark forge folded katana is stunning. A complete package of some of the best the crafts can offer in one sword, with every part a highly skilled and qualitative expression of each segment of the sword craft.

The sword blade is the creation of Howard Clark and is yet another example of his skilled forging and heat treating. The grain is very tight mixed with areas of long silvery strands that lace the surface. The yakiba is gonome with midare, with areas of faint nijuba floating above the hamon and small lifted areas of utsuri that appear in the ji. Misty areas appear in the ji and migrate into the shinogi. The work in this sword can be enjoyed for hours. Howard Clark normally works in monosteels such as 1086 and L6 Champalloy that provide a firm material for high performance, but sacrifice many of the aesthetics enjoyed in forged and folded works. This sword demonstrates his skill as a smith can also cater to the artistic side even in modern materials that are blended by forge folding. The polish by John DeMesa is highly refined to reveal all this and is also a clearly skilled example of what is possible in finishing modern works, requiring immense amounts of time to accomplish.

The fuchi, kashira, and tsuba were custom made by Patrick Hastings. the size and shape complimenting the sword’s dimensions. The theme of the fuchi, kashira, and tsuba displays irises on blackened copper resembling shakudo. The hand carved and textured fittings invite a closer look and provide a quiet appearance from a distance. The menuki continue the floral theme in black and gold, under a tight black silk wrap over a very high grade same. Same of this grade can easily cost hundreds of dollars for a single skin. An attractive copper habaki with a warm patina and delicate texture frames the sword nicely in step with skillfully fitted copper seppa.

The saya has been meticulously finished in a true “ishime” or stone texture. This is a time consuming process that is not mearly spattering paint from a gun, but involves several layers and processes to create and consuming many weeks of time to complete.

Blade Length: 30 inches (76.2 cm)

Width at machis: 1 7/32 inches (3.1 cm)

Thickness at munemachi: ¼ inch (6 mm)

Kissaki: Extended Chu at 1 7/8 inches (4.9 cm)

Width at yokote: 29/32 inch (2.3 cm)

Thickness at yokote: 3/8 inch (5 mm)

Weight of sword w/o saya: 2 lbs, 11.5 oz. (1.23 kilo)

Howard has stopped making forge folded works and it may be a long time before he begins accepting commissions for them again. This, in conjunction with the quality of the polish, mountings, and the time it would take to have them completed, make this an especially fine work and a superb addition to any collection.

Consignment Offering: $11,500.00 -- SOLD

Come with brocade bag and fusahimo.


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