Mounted Clark L6 Bainite Katana

On consignment: $11,000.00

An excellent fully mounted L6 Bainite Katana with shirasaya and tsunagi. Rarely are Clark works mounted in both koshirae and shirasaya, so this is an excellent package consisting of custom made Higo style mountings on a koshirae that has a full length tsunagi, and the blade contained in shirasaya. A really classy presentation of both the blade and the koshirae.


The koshirae consists of Iron Higo styled fuchi, kashira, and kojiri on the saya, made by Patrick Hastings. Patrick does some wonderful work and continues to improve year after year. The pierced Iron tsuba was made by a contemporary Japanese Tsuba maker and is a positive silhouette of a thick bamboo stalk with leaves. It is a bold yet elegant design rendered in a thick plate, but compliments the koshirae without over bearing it. The menuki are solid silver from the Fred Lohman company in the design of a Tiger chewing a stalk of bamboo. This is symbolic of the strength of the Tiger, and the bamboo as well. The menuki also tie in with the Higo theme and the Bamboo tsuba without overstating the subjects.

The tsuka has two mekugi, and is constructed with a fully wrapped rayskin with concealed seam, then lacquered black continuing the Higo style of mountings. The crimson silk ito is wrapped in katatemaki style, again a very popular Higo preference. The seppa are custom made, thick, solid silver with radiused edge filing, made here at Legacy Arts to completely harmonize with the fuchi, tsuba, and saya.

The habaki is also solid silver made by myself, with pattern often referred to as “falling rain”. The saya has been finished in high quality paint of black with crimson patches bringing the colors of the tsuka into full compliment.


It is held together by a full length tsunagi (mock wooden blade) matching the dimensions of the sword blade, and even has a removable wooden habaki. Tsunagi keep the koshirae together while the blade rests in shirasaya. The tsunagi and shirasaya actually have fundamental tasks. They protect both the koshirae and the sword blade. If the blade is kept in the koshirae, it suffers unnecessary handling and wear to examine the sword blade. Also the blade must be kept oiled and over time, this can saturate the koshirae causing issues of swelling, deterioration, or retaining dust and grit which will deteriorate the polish on the blade as well. Since the koshirae can be appreciated without drawing the sword, the tsunagi is an elegant solution to protecting the koshirae, while allowing the blade to also be protected in it’s own environment of the shirasaya. The shirasaya also has sayagaki informing the viewer what is contained inside. The sayagaki on this sword simply states, “O Mimi (Big Ear, Howard’s smith name) Howard Clark Bainite L6 Katana, Length: 2 Shaku 3 Sun 9 bu (28.5 inches)”.

A wonderful set that rarely comes into availability, immediately ready to enjoy on the rack or in training.

On consignment: $11,000.00


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