Bob Engnath Katana

A lovely Katana by the late Bob Engnath, fully polished with beautiful mountings.

Bob Engnath produced these monosteel 1050 blades until he passed away in 1998. In his day, he was considered to be one of the best in the business by his peers and martial artists and collectors obtained his Japanese style blades from him at shows and his shop in Glendale, California. Though the steel is simple monosteel and not forged, the heat treating he did developed a lovely hamon with anything from simple hamons to wildly active yakibas. Many of his works display a great deal of consistant nie that is hard to find in examples of other western smith working in Japanese styles. Kuzan Oda ( a student of Yoshindo Yoshihara) worked with Bob on improved heat treating for a short time.

This blade has wonderful elements of midare hamon with a fine konie distributed along the habuchi and long ashi reaching for the edge. It also has a rare element not normally seen in Bob’s work; utsuri that is faintly distributed along the length of the blade. The fact that these blades were monosteel lends them to some interesting developments. There is also often long stacked strings of activity running along the habuchi and reaching into the ji. In this blade, these strings developed the boshi into a lovely hakikake, or “brush stroked” pattern, making the boshi appear to have had a brush drawn back across ink as it was still wet. From an overall perspective, this is probably one of Bob Engnath’s finest works. The polish by John DeMesa has brought out all these elements into full view. It is neither overtly flamboyant, nor is it subdued, having an excellent balance of activity, yet controlled simplicity. It is an inviting blade that will provide long hours of examination and enjoyment. The cutting edge measures 30 inches long.

The Higo influenced mountings are simple yet elegant. The fuchi and kashira are textured Higo style in silver. The tsuba is also matching in material and texture with a simple ovate shape. Shishi menuki are mounted under a tight and nicely wrapped black silk ito over a black lacquered same. The gloss black saya completes the mountings beautifully. No sageo is pictured with the koshirae, but one will be included in the color of choice.

Bob was perhaps one of the kindest people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. The knife community held him in high regard for his gentle and generous nature. Those that have a blade by him treasure it. Here is the opportunity to own one of finest examples by him, fully polished and mounted, and available immediately.

Offered on Consignment: $6950.00


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