Flying Geese in Shakudo



These lovely flying geese are massive in size and sculpted in deep rich shakudo.  The true nature of their color and detail is difficult to capture with a camera.  They are many times better looking in hand than my photographics skills can provide here.  The size of these menuki are statement enough, but the quality of the carving, and the metal prove these to be from the hands of someone truely skilled.  The fineness of the detail carving in the feathers and the tiny gold eyes shows finite attention to detail.  Their faces are also rendered very life like as they call out during flight.  

Magnified scale sword fittings are usually made as gifts, elaborate samples, special orders, or a craftsman's statement of their trade skills, and can appear somewhat garrish by shear impact of scale.  Although very large at 8.8 cm in length, this set still retains an elegant presentation that is not overbearing.

I cannot say with any conviction which school they may be from, but I would hazard a guess of their age as Meiji or Taisho era.  Their condition is excellent and the posts are original and intact.  They are in a nice custom fitted box.  They will not disappoint, and will make a lovely addition to any collection.  These would be a good candidate for submission to shinsa.


Price:  $1400.00 SOLD
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