Hirata style Kozuka with Kogatana

Iron plate kozuka decorated in cloisonne' (shippo) and kinzogan in the style of Hirata. Signed "Kenzan" in kinzogan on the reverse. Some minor rubbing loss to the russet patina on the front and reverse, and two small scratches, but otherwise in very good condition. These are quite repairable issues and the shippo and gold zogan work are in very good condition. I researched the signature and found no mainline Hirata makers by this name. Bob Haynes was shown an image and concluded that the signature was likely spurious, because Ogata Kenzan was a potter.

The accompanying kogatana is good quality and signed Awataguchi Ikkanshi Tadatsuna. As a utilitarian item, the vast majority of these mei are merely homage, so it is highly unlikely that Tadatsuna is the true maker of this blade. The tip is a bit bent, but should not be a problem to straighten.

Hirata school was quite famous for this kind of work, and it was vogue style among Edo socialites, and their works command a premium on price. Shoami is also known to have done this kind of work. The iron plate with zogan addition hints at a more Higo influenced work to me. In the interest of both prudence and curiosity, I believe shinsa should be considered for this work. If it did pass for Hirata school work, then the asking price would make this a great deal.


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